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At Novilis, we drive your business forward with a range of specialized services, delivered with built-in AI capabilities.

Our solutions are available on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments to best suit your needs.

Our Digital Transformation solutions automate critical processes for enhanced efficiency. We seamlessly integrate legacy systems with modern technologies and develop engaging mobile and multi-experience apps.

Our Optimized Software Delivery streamlines processes for maximum productivity, while Value Stream Management ensures optimal flow from development to delivery.

We enhance collaboration and automation with DevOps tools and integrate robust security practices through DevSecOps.

Our Unified Endpoint Management centralizes control of all endpoints, and our OS Lifecycle Management effectively handles operating systems.

We oversee and optimize application portfolios, efficiently manage digital content, and ensure endpoint compliance and security.

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for the Enterprise

Deliver better software, faster

Harness the power of your own DevOps data to improve software delivery performance and governance.

Automation Orchestration

Achieve rapid and scalable automation of your business processes and tasks with our advanced hybrid solutions.

Our intelligent automation solutions help organizations tackle diverse technologies, fragmented data, intricate business processes, and promote seamless collaboration between human workers and technology, unlocking the full potential of their business operations.

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Continuous Compliance

We provide and ensure compliance with Intelligent Automation to enable your business streamlined management processes, tool consolidation, and reduced operating costs.


Comprehensive professional services

Novilis' professional team in the field of Lotus Notes Domino consists of developers, system administrators, support, and training specialists. The company's leading team has proven experience of 8 to 25 years in the field. During these years, they have been involved in Lotus Notes / Domino infrastructure implementation projects and in developing leading core enterprise systems based on these infrastructures.

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For business executives and leaders

We put things in order, show what is available today, why AI projects differ from traditional IT projects that are familiar to us when it comes to the nature of the business units' involvement. We unveil the risks of "sitting on the fence" and, on the other hand, impart knowledge on how to prepare and lead successful AI initiatives by prioritizing the right opportunities, building a diverse team of experts, and consciously designing the solutions while understanding the implications for the organization and its customers.

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